We just would like to tell you who is “behind the scene”
in our company and on which values our company is base on,
but in a very simple but creative way.

Sales management

General manager and Ceo

Responsible for Safety and Environment and responsible for Communication and packaging

Fresh truffle department, research and develpoment, fair and commercial event organization


Different printed labels


International certifications


Different new recipes in T&C new cook book


Km covered by our friend dogs in truffle hunting


Years of truffle hunting in our family


And more researche by our qualified suppliers


Tested and experimented ingredients in new products research and development


National and international food fairs

Our company

T&C is a modern company who has been working from 1990 to transfer its values based on the excellence of the territory, to Italian market and worldwide.

Who could be interested?

T&C Truffle has high digital skills to organize training web in air to sales people working in food service.
This activity explains how to easily use truffle based products.
A lot of our partners and distributors have already successfully experimented this service. It has been projected and studied by T&C, according to clients needs and their relevant markets .

Our values

They represent fundamental guidelines of our company activity. Each value is based on our experience, our research and our excellence of row material and transparency of production chain. That’s to guarantee the best quality and to create products that will be your best friends in cooking!



According to us quality means selection and choice: every day, we do a deep selection of row material and working process to guarantee a certificated quality and safe products.


With our products one can make a huge number of recipes. Try some unusual pairing with Terre Nobili brand and you will discover some new combination you would never have imagined!


One can say that this one is a good product also because of its digestibility. This value, for us , is very important. Try it to trust on us!


Cooking has never been easier and tasty!
Ready to use sauces, flavored oils and salts, truffles in oil and condiment based on butter with truffle: with our products it will take few minutes to cook very tasty dishes!

From 1990 T&C truffle offers the top quality of truffles, both fresh and preserved.

The company has IFS (a system of managing quality of food safet) and BRC-a global standars for food safety. That’s why we only offer the excellence and safety of a product compliant with quality standards.
Our products are checked at every step of production thanks to our advanced and innovative  technologies. That’s the reason why we create  the highets quality products with speed and production efficiency .
During all our working, our main goal is to satisfy all of your tastes and desires. We grow, improve and evolve together with you.


ECO-SUSTAINABILITY:a continuos research in T&C

BRC, IFS and Organic certification had taken a codified culture in T&C that follows precise processus, check and neverending analysis on production processus of truffle based products. This activity guarantees food safety. Today this means attention to the Earth and mankind.
Respecting bio diversity is certainly facilitated by the location of the company in Acqualagna, in the earth of Le Marche region (Central Italy).This area is very well known and award-winning area for its safe and uncontaminated nature by Lonely Planet guide.
In 2020 T&C green attitude further concretized by using 100% recyclable paper for its new paper box made by a Fabriano FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) paper. This certification guarantees social and environmental responsibility, besides the economic profit.
T&C continuous search of green attitude has introduced a system of photovoltaic panels.
They will be able to convert solar radiation in energy instead of using fossil fuels.
The result will be an immediate benefit for environment and community thanks to carbon dioxite and pollution reduction.