We want to change the general idea about truffle: truffle is not a luxury for the happy few, rich and famous.

That’s the reason why we have created truffle based products for everybody. The cooking lover could easily afford our truffle products ,thanks to our affordable prices

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Acqualagna: a travel between nature and products of excellence

Travel blogger Valentina Pierucci leads us to a journey to discover our territory, with breathtaking views and to do activities and good food. The food itinerary makes a stop in T&C truffle to know the truffle, undoubtedly the king of this area, and it takes us to a lot of things to see and taste!

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A collection of all you can make with our Terre Nobili truffles based products, a huge variety of different dishes to give value in every occasion.




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T&C has involved a young chef ,Michele Pentucci letting him free to reinvent our products: A range of recipes is born. These recipes tell how truffle can really change the food experience in a moment to be remembered forever.

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