What do you mean with affordable luxury?

If in the past luxurius experience was reserved to happy few, today new category of consumer can profit of new luxury experience.

Particularly this trend involves consumers who are interested in experience of luxury instead of premium products, so now new people can profit of spaces and services of luxury level.

This trend influences the world of cooking and Horeca as well. The home delivery from star chef restaurants with affordable prices is a proof of the new situation, and also, today is possible to join excellent wine tasting in beautiful location.
The desire to experience the food luxury is hand on hand with the desire to live this experience in a nice location, combining the aestethic taste with the satisfaction of sight and smell.

Luckily, we have a lot of possibilities in our region, Le Marche, so you just need to make the right choice to enjoy the excellent products and to experience affordable prices.

As an example the Montefeltro bike tour, with tasting included, will let sporty people know the Unesco heritage Urbino town, and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Le Marche region.

Along the way you can stop and have a wine tasting in one of the most famous wine cellar who produces Bianchello del Metauro or in one cheese factory to taste cheese and ricotta cheese.

You also can choose guided wine tour and tasting of Terracruda wine: it is a guided tour inside the panoramic vineyards, then you will visit the cellars and taste “designation of origin” red and white wine, sparkling and sweet as Bianchello del Metauro DOC, Colli pesaresi Sangiovese DOC, Pergola Aletico DOC, Incorncio Bruni 54 IGR and Garofana IGT. All this is to taste together with 0 km typical and local products.

Affordable luxury lets the consumer enjoy a wide range of benefits, especially from an emotional point of view, thanks to the capacity of luxury to answer to larger needs and dreams of people.

Another example you can find is staying in a luxury resort without spending a fortune , as the “La Castellaia Resort”, a beautiful villa surrounded by greenery, 2 km far from Fabriano, one can find the peace of the nature, the taste of the local products and a lot of different activities to join sport, culture and relax.

You also can try original receipts to renew taste and flavors of the regional cooking :best chef working with high quality row material, to propose freshness and delight.

Our company, born in this earth with excellent products and areas to explore, is totally founded on affordable luxury. First of all we want to demonstrate to everybody that truffle is not only for happy few.

That’s the reason why we have created truffle based products with high level of quality standard but affordable prices .That’s the way to have good truffle product with affordable prices