Acqualagna: a travel between nature and products of excellence

Travel ideas to Acqualagna city

“Inside” the Gola del Furlo

In the hearth of Pesaro and Urbino area, surrounded by timeless panoramic beauties, the city of Acqualagna is the perfect location for your eyes and taste .On your way to Marche region, you must stop at one of the most beautiful and suggestive Italian Natural reserve : the Gola del Furlo.

Between Pietralata and Paganuccio mountains, surrounded by magnificient trees and rocky walls, emerald water of Candigliano river, will lead visitors through the discovery of the spectacular canyon, with eagles keeping watch . Thanks to its floral and fauna variety , this destination is a goal for trekking , birdswatching , bike and kayak lovers, and photography lovers as well.

I recommend a stop at Abbazia di San Vincenzo, based in a destroyed ancient roman town called Pitinum Mergens. From VI° to XVII° centuries, the San Vincenzo bishop of the village of Bevagna relics were taken to the Abbazia by its citizens from the city in Umbria region, destroyed by Longobardi . When you go inside the Abbazia (old church)with a little faint light , you will be attracted from the flight of steps that leads to the upper presbytery. Just a moment of silence, before resume walking.

Truffle Museum in Acqualagna

After all this turn, I’m sure you will appreciate truffle based culinary delights that local restaurant usually have on menu .This is possible because in Acqualagna, thanks to the climate and the soil type, you can find the 4 principal varieties of truffle 365 days a year: white and black truffle, bianchetto and summer truffles as well.

Terre Nobili by T&C Truffle based dish

Dopo tutto questo girare, sono certa apprezzerete le bontà culinarie a base di tartufo che vengono realizzate nei ristoranti del territorio tutto l’anno. Questo è possibile perché ad Acqualagna, grazie al clima e al tipo di terreno, si possono trovare le quattro principali varietà di tartufo 365 giorni l’anno: tartufo bianco e nero pregiato, il bianchetto e quello estivo.

La mia visita al produttore di tartufi

Time ago I wanted to visit an historical company of the territory to understand how is it possible that truffle could join tables all over the world, with the same perfume and taste it has when it is collected (from the hearth). So I’ve visited T&C truffles company that, from 1990 deliveries high quality truffles in Italy and worldwide.

With pleasure I have discovered that T&C company doesn’t only sell fresh high quality truffles, but they also produce and export a wide range of truffles based products. This can happen thanks to their modern conservation technologies managed by their inner research and development office.
Their truffle based products are excellent kitchen aid to give elegance and prestige to each dish!

Truffle hunting at T&C truffle company

Starting from the traditional truffle hunting with dogs (a very interesting experience to do), to the harvesting, from the working process to transformation, the most typical and well known product of this territory, the truffle, comes to tables of people living thousands km far away from Acqualagna. Truffle can have different shapes: whole truffles in brine, in oil, frozen, ready sauces, fine creams and different type of seasonings.
From this visit I have understood that today, truffle is for everybody, also for people like me, who like cooking without being a star chef, and it is also for all budgets.

Little time ago, I’ve read that truffles hunting and harvesting were nominated as UNESCO heritage activities because they gather wide knowledge and deep skills about natural environment and ecosystem. They also emphasize the relationship between man and pet, joining the truffle hunter capacity with the ones of his dog.
This activity represents a centuries-old tradition, handed down through stories, anecdotes, bywords and proverbs that tell the knowledge about rural life, protection of the territory, and haute cuisine. Seem to me more than valid reasons for the nomination!